Twin Block

The Twin Block Appliance consists of an upper and a lower plate provided in all four quadrants with occlusal pads and is used for correcting Class II cases of malocclusion.

The angle of inclination of the occluding surfaces is 70 degrees. In the upper jaw one or two expansion screws, a labial bow and a bumper spring make it possible to expand the upper jaw and correct the upper anterior dentition. The functional determination of bite for the Twin Block Appliance is achieved by using a construction bite, the height of which should be at least 6 mm in the sidealong parts. Secure retention of the upper and the lower jaw is vital ( a variety of different means achoring are used).

Adaption of the Twin Block Appliance is excellent: the patient can speak well with the appliance in place and can even chew. It is therefore possible to wear the appliance 24 hours a day, which brings about very rapid correction of the malocclusion. To increase patient cooperation the Twin Block Appliance is often cemented in place on the elements of the upper and lower jaws for the first ten days.

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