Ortholab Zuid Sport Gum Shield

You need quite an outfit for sports like field hockey: just think about the special clothing, shoes, hockey stick and shin guards. But have you ever considered protecting your teeth?

Ortholab Zuid has extensive experience in manufacturing quality gum shields. The gum shields are custom-made, so they fit in your mouth only. Our materials are made from crystal-clear plastic. We inscribe your name on your gum shield, just to make sure. We deliver the shield in a plastic case to keep it clean.

We also make special gum shields for full-touch sports like boxing and karate. For water polo, the gum shields are available in bright colours for easy detection if lost in the swimming pool.

Gum shields can also be worn with fixed braces. The gum shield protects the braces from damaging your lips and cheeks while you participate in sports. For this comfortable gum shield, you have to ask the dentist to make a mould of your teeth. A good shield allows you to play sports even better and safer.

If you have any questions about Ortholab Zuid or one of its products, you can call us at +31 (0)40-2413969 and ask for Harry van Zanten or you can send an e-mail to ortholabzuid@planet.nl and we will answer your question as soon as possible.