Kim's Clear Aligner

Comfortable and modern – For correction of malocclusion.

The correction of malocclusion with the esthetic Kim's Clear Aligner brace has developed itself to an important aspect of orthodontic treatments. This concepts has proven itself succesfull in many clinical cases, especially in the treatment of adult patients. The therapy guarantees optimal results combined with perfect comfort for the patient.

The Kim's CLEAR-ALIGNER-brace allows you to talk and smile as always!

The treatment does not prevent you from talking and laughing beacause it is made out of clear transparent material. This will assure you will feel at ease and your dignity will stay intact.

You will not be aware of teh presence of the Kim's Clear-Aligner; your mouth will feel normal. The Kim's Clear-Aligner-brace guarantees a casual, almost pleasant feeling in the mouth. Due to the absence of screws and threads the brace is soft and comfortable to wear. During meals and the brushing of the teeth - which you can do at any time you want - the brace can be easily removed.

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