"Anti-snoring and sleep apnea activator." Snoring is caused by vibration of the soft palate and (or) the posterior palatal arch.

It takes place primarily during breathing when the patient is asleep, the mouth being kept open. The size of the space in the airway depends on a large number of factors. Muscles in the oral cavity play an important role in keeping the airway open. The posterior movement of the tongue can hinder the passage of air. Alcohol, sleep-inducing drugs, colds and overweight also have a detrimental effect.

Obstructive sleep apnea syndrome O.S.A.S.

In the case of patients who snore very severely, the airway can become so seriously constricted that air passage is no longer possible. Snoring then stops and breathing ceases temporarily (apneu). Breathing only starts again when the patient jerks half awake due to oxygen deficiency.

Research and diagnostics

It is important that a distinction is drawn between the apneas and snoring for the diagnostics and in order to draw up a treatment plan. Research and diagnostics of apneas are the terrain of the pneumonologist.

Anti-snoring and sleep apnea activator A.S.S.A.

Recent studies show that a great many patients can be effectively treated with a modified activator. With the aid of this activator, the lower mandible is kept in a forwards position during sleep. Large air holes in the appliance ensure that the air passage through the mouth is not obstructed. Experience has shown that the best way to fit the patient with the activator is by using wax. The activator is subsequently finished off in the laboratory. The anchoring of the appliance depends on the elements and crown and bridgework present. The ASSA was first described in Dutch literature by the Almelo orthodontist Dr. H.J. Remmelink in 1990 (Ned. Tijdschr. Tandheelk. 1990; 97:211-213).

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